phonics and spelling

Teaching phonics and spelling strategies empowers students with the tools they need to become fluent readers and writers.

Short regular mini lessons are a useful way to teach word study skills. The lessons should be aural and tactile and students should be engaged in active word investigations.

vowel fan

Teacher and students say a CVC word, students identify and show the appropriate vowel on their vowel fan.

games and activities

A selection of phonics games that can be used during a phonics mini-lesson. 

overview of spelling conventions

This is a list of the most common spelling conventions which we can teach students once they are developed their phonic knowledge. 

prefixes and suffixes

A list of the most common prefixes and suffixes and their meanings.

stage 5 word list

A list of one syllable words with consonant clusters at the beginning and end (CCVC and CVCC words). 

stage 6 word list

A list of one syllable words for each of the commonlong vowel sounds.